Sunday Worship: 10:00 am

6137 Salem Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

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Where are you located? Location Map with Directions

We are located just a mile up the road from Coney Island on the south east corner of Salem and Sutton.

From the SOUTH: Take I-275 to the "Five Mile" Exit and turn left onto northbound "Five Mile Road". Turn left onto westbound Beechmont Ave. Then at the very next light turn left onto Salem Road (just before Walgreens). The church will be on your left just before the second traffic light.

From the NORTH: Take I-275 to the "Five Mile" Exit and turn right onto northbound "Five Mile Road" Turn left onto westbound Beechmont Ave. Then at the very next light turn left onto Salem Road (just before Walgreens). The church will be on your left just before the second traffic light.

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What time are your services? What about Childcare?

9:15 am & 10:45 am = Both Services are contemporary, with childcare for both services.  If you choose to stay for both services the children will experience different lessons for the first and the second service – we will keep their attention!  Trust me they’ll want to come back.

Our ushers would be happy to lead you and your child(ren) to where our Nursery and/or Sunday School Classrooms are.

Childcare: ages 0- 6th grade.  Currently we encourage our 7th grade kids (and up) to join the adults upstairs for the regular worship services.  We believe they are ready for what the adults are hearing and experiencing. 

What to expect as I enter the building?

As you enter the lobby area, people will be milling around getting coffee or tea.  Our people are friendly but not pushy.  They’ll respect your boundaries.  When you are ready to enter the sanctuary,  you will see that we don’t sit in ROWS; we sit at tables. 

Most people dress casually and comfortably.  We also have name tags available if you like.

What to Expect for Worship

Our worship services will start with some contemporary Christian songs followed by a few short announcements, (“no” we won’t beg you for money), then we’ll have a message (sermon) that is usually Biblically-based and culturally-relevant.  You won’t be asked to stand up or march to the front or declare your name.  You are our guest, and we just want you to be comfortable.

Worship and Small Group Times

Sunday Worship is at 9:15 & 10:45 am.  Both Times have Worship Services and Children’s ministries.

Small Groups meet throughout the week.  CLICK HERE for current listings.

First Things First

The Bible says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33).   The rest of the verse says that all the other things that you’ve wanting will be added to you.  Here’s what we’ve learned: If you make Jesus a priority in your life all the “other things” remain just things.  It’s not that you don’t want them anymore, but they certainly don’t control you anymore.  Freedom!  There is freedom is make Jesus your master (John 8:31-32).


So at Salem Community we’re always going to refer to God’s Word as our final authority on things (2 Timothy 3:16-17; Romans 15:4).  And we promote you reading it for yourselves.   



Jesus did not come to promote religion but relationships.   God didn’t send a telegram He sent His Son, who lived among us and showed us what relationships could be like.  God want’s us connected to Him and He wants us in relationship with each other.  Did you know there are over fifty “one anothers” in the New Testament.  We were created to be connected.  In the very first book of the Bible God says, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” (Genesis 2:18).


So at Salem we hope to connect you with activities,  studies, or small groups.  Because not only do you need us, but you might be surprised that we might need you, too.



So if Jesus is really first in our lives and we building relationships with Him and each other – guess what?!!!!  That’s going to show up in our daily lives (James 2:16-22).  And if there isn’t any fruit, if you feel fruitless, we’ll take responsibility for that.  We exist to help you grow so strong in Christ that your life will make a positive difference in this world. 


Whether it is a small group, or an outreach, or a seminar, or some one-on-one mentoring.  We’ll do whatever we can to help you grow and keep growing in your faith


We believe in the LORDSHIP of Christ,

the  primacy of RELATIONSHIPS,

& ever-present FRUIT.Text...

Real & Friendly

Salem community is an upbeat bunch of imperfect people.  We aren't very churchy, but we are . . . 


Our worship services will keep your attention, but they are not planned for your entertainment.  They are purposed for God’s pleasure.   . . . 



Salem Community Church began in Francis McCormick’s house just two years after Ohio became the 17th state in the union.    The church moved to a log cabin in 1810 located in the middle of our current cemetery.  They outgrew the cabin and built a brick building in 1828.   In 1863, a wood frame structure replace the bricks ontop of the original stone foundation.  Then finally in 1996 the church added on the current structure to the original 1863 one room worship space.   Our current pastor has served Salem since 1983. 


So you can see that there is some stability and endurance.   What might surprise you is how relevant and open we are.   We have a pretty nice mix of the older generation and younger generation together.  It’s like a real family!  We aren’t stuffy or “set in our ways”.   You be happy to see how quickly we  can be to adapt and change to new people and new times.  All that happens without sacrificing our scriptural integrity, too!!!

Just a few glances at our church and people:



    Independence Day Parade
    Greater Anderson Days
    Harvest Festival
    Operation Christmas Child
    Football Sunday


    Mt Washington Elementary
    Belterra Race Track
    Support of the SEM Food Pantry


    The Band
    Youth Group
    Sunday School
    Welcome Team
    Movie Night


    Financial seminars
    Marriage Enrichment Seminars
    Small Groups
    Special Events