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Most people go to “work” because they have to, or because they have bills to pay.  For most people one third of their day is devoted to “work”.  That’s a lot of your life.  What if we could show you how to make all that time worthwhile for you and even glory giving for God.   Instead of working for the almighty dollar you could be working for Jesus (who has way better and lasting benefits).  We will give you a different and more positive way to look at “work”.    We might even help you to figure out how to use your talents to not only honor God but give you a raise or a promotion.  



or in a SMALL GROUP:


Join us Sunday mornings then join a small group and have a “Work as Worship Retreat”.  Pick and choose some really great topics to pursue in this RightNowMEDIA presentation.  Free downloadable discussion guide included.


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These mini-sessions are available at “” which is paid for by Salem for its active attenders, but you must be registered (it’s free). Click here to get started.

Lots of Resources

While we appreciate the spiritual feeding we get on weekends, nobody really believes that one meal can last the whole week.  So we have created numerous resources for you to enjoy God’s word



Once you become part of our fellowship we automatically sign you up for this huge resource.   RightNowMEDIA has resources to help you if you are a single or married,  child or adult, seasoned or new believer.  There are courses to help your with parenting, your marriage, reading the Bible, spiritual warfare, and more.   Whatever your concern is, our RNM website will probably have several resources to help you. It’s like a Christian Neflix only it’s free. Check it out CLICK HERE.



Most of our sermon series are supplemented by our Small Groups.  There they go a little deeper with what we’ve just learned on Sunday.  It’s a great way to make God’s Word have a more significant impact on your day to day life.

Small Group Map 

Want to see where our small groups are located.  Check that out here

Create Your Own Group

Got at least two other friends?  Want to start your own group?  Get started by creating it online here​.


So if getting to know God better is important to you – then there is no better way to do that than by reading His Love Letters, otherwise known as “the Bible”.   Praying is good, Worship is good too!  But reading God’s very own book – is absolutely the first and best way of getting to know Him, directly. 

This unique tool will systematically get you through the entire Bible in just 300 days.  It’s a clever tool that we publish in the bulletin each week. But you can also access it online (CLICK HERE) . 

Use the online tool and read the Bible in any number of different translations, or even have the program read it to you.  Very cool tool!!!


"300 Days to Power Through Prayer"

This tool is great for helping your prayer life.  Certainly prayers are going to be more positively answered by God if they are in agreement with His already existing Word.  So we’ve just created some mini-prayers based on your reading of the Word for the day.

Here’s a little known secret: if you are wanting to go through the entire Bible but just struggling to make that time – do yourself a favor and simply read the passages in this journal.  They are some of the more powerful passages of the entire Bible.  So in less than five minutes a day, you can almost get the whole essence of God’s Word is just 300 days.  

Currently the only way to get this tool is to come on Sunday.  



How to Trust God for the Change We need - 

If you take a careful look at our culture, I think you'll agree with me that “love” is a four-letter word those people of the world.  Everyone is angry with everyone else. There are pointing fingers , angry tones, reasons to hate, and justification to mistrust.  We are a long way from “love”.  Yet as followers of a merciful God, we really don't have a choice whether we love or not.  Christian should be shining examples of love. Are they? Are you? Am I?  I think we can all do better with love.



It shouldn’t be a shock to know that God’s will for us is RELATIONAL HARMONY.   God wants us to be at peace with Him, but He also wants us to enjoy our relationship with all His other kids.   In a tension filled world bent on blaming instead of resolving, we have fewer role models and not much support.   So we are going to look at how to make marriages, families, and relationships in general – better.  We will address some of the biggest obstacles to successful relationships: fear, finances, fury, fights.  We will get a biblical perspective on “what is” and “how to maintain” a good relationship with your spouse, your kids, your friends, or whomever. 



The beauty of Christmas for some is the bright lights, for others it’s the light that comes on when they discover a personal relationship with God Himself.  God has  often revealed Himself throughout the ages.  Even before Christmas came along. 

But the first Christmas, God really revealed Himself.  In fact, He become vulnerable, approachable, and accessible.   Yet there is much we remain a little confused about.  So we’re going to clear up the air on numerous questions that the average “spiritual seeker” has.

Join us for this December series!

Find Balance Find Peace  - or   - "How to survive the Holidays (and everything in between)"

In  the Jewish faith, the beginning of the year isn’t in January – it’s in the fall.   That’s when we get bombarded with new activities and responsibilities after a summer of vacation like thinking.   Suddenly we are thrust into a thousand different directions.  Over worked, under appreciated, and in a little over our heads we go.   

So by the time we reach Thanksgiving we are in need of medication to calm us down.  We are stressed out, over taxed, and very close to burning out.   Believe it or not God’s got a remedy that has worked for thousands of years.  You didn’t think you invented burnout, did you?!!!! 


God wants RELATIONSHIPS not RELIGION.  But sometimes relationships grow distant over time or because of circumstances.   So how can we reconnect or rebuild or create new relationships ?!!!  We look at ways to make life-long friendships and even how to strengthen or possibly restore our current relationships.

We learn how to build bridges at home, in our marriages, and with our families. We also explore the power of our words and learn how to get rid of jealousy. Finally, we discover what the root of relational problems is and how to overcome it.  

Join us for this summer series!

You might be surprised to learn that God has been speaking to you for some time.  But like a radio, unless you are tuned in to the right station – you aren’t going to hear it.   But it’s there, everyday, every moment of every day.  

So what’s the issue, why does God’s voice seem so quiet or hard to hear?!!  And we’ll teach you how to hear the voice of God and how to know whether it really is God and not something bad you ate last night.  

The series following Easter will be about how to find the positive, the peace, and the patience in the midst of your problems.   Easter is a great celebration but we have to remember the dark that came before the dawn.  It was bad, …very bad!  

We know that Jesus of course would turn death into a major victory, but what do we mere human beings do when life throws us a curve?!   And life seems to throw us a lot of curves.  Even the best of us are tempted to doubt, or be discouraged, or even get depressed.  But there is hope.  In Christ there are some tremendous advantages that we can take advantage of.Text...

Starting January 2017, join us for this empowered series about relationships. 

Marriage is an big subject in the Bible, but you’ll see that many of these principles are easily usable for singles, as well as couples, and in all the other “worlds” you live in.  This is about relationships but also, and more precisely, about POWER.  Learn about the power you can activate on your weakest days. 

You learn power to ...







Whether you are married or single, young or old – you will learn principles that work at home, at work, and at play.  Couples will learn to “affair proof” their marriages and rekindle the romance.  Singles will learn people skills  - like Karate (just kidding).

So join us on Sunday Mornings,then “Go Deeper” with our “Rela(able) Series featuring Louie Giglio.  This is SOOOOO good!!!

​​​​​​​Teach Us to Pray

This is the prayer that everyone prays when they are afraid, being attacked, in trouble, and about to die.  This is the prayer that people pray when they just don’t know what else to say.  We have prayed this prayer without any significant change for two thousand years.   It hasn’t been replaced by something newer or more contemporary.  It’s in the movies, it’s in churches that don’t even agree with each other.  This is a powerful prayer that Jesus shared.  It’s not his only prayer, it’s the model He gave His disciples.  But for billions and billions of people, this is THE PRAYER.

You know it, you love it …. The Lord’s Prayer.   Fifty two powerful words that bring comfort and strength, focus and stability, calm and grace.   

These words have remain powerful from generation to generation for two millenniums.  It’s doesn’t matter what the culture is like, how liberal or conservative the atmosphere is, how wealthy or poor you are – this prayer breathes life into all who pray it. 

But why?!!!!  We’re going to dig a little deeper into this powerful prayer and unlock many of it’s rich treasures.  Because the deep power isn’t found in repeating it, but in honestly praying it.  Come discover these treasures!

The Spring series, beginning April 17th, has been a long time coming.  It may be the most significant series we’ve had in a long while, because it’s about us, Salem Community Church.  It is the long awaited in Class 101 but we’re going to share it on Sunday mornings.   Even if you aren’t an active attender or a previous member of Salem, even if you are just starting to look at churches – this series will be great.  Since the majority of our people have never taken Class 101 or it has been “forever” since they last took it – we’re just sharing this with everyone. 

We are not pushing for you nor anyone to be a ‘member’, but everyone including non-believers should understand the important of true biblical “membership” in the church and what that  really ought to look like.  Obviously we are also going to share some of the things that makes Salem unique from our other sister churches in the area. 

For those of you who are familiar with Salem, this series may not come as a shock to you,  but it will be helpful to be able to concisely define what the church is all about.  Many of the things you are about to hear are things you’ve probably never heard at any other church (in America), even though they are biblical and they are practiced in other parts of the world.   Our intent is not to shock but to be honest, to educate, and for many of you, to confirm what you believe deep down in your hearts. 

We won’t be pressuring anyone to “join” or “drink the Kool Aid”.   It’s just information, albeit radical!!!   And just to show you that we are not on some ego driven “we’re the keepers of this secret” cult movement – we’re going to let you hear from many other Christian voices who will confirm what we are saying at Salem – and they will absolutely challenge and inspire you. 

This is a big deal!

We will share the essential truths on Sunday mornings with everyone.  But the “prophets” voices you will only hear in a Small Group.   I’d simply play those tapes on Sunday morning but I’m afraid I might lose my job to them.   Most of them will talk an average of only 20 minutes but it will be packed with discussion promoting material.  You won’t be bored.  You will be challenged.  You will leave changed, and for the better.

Don’t let the name of the series fool you.  The title doesn’t have much of a kick to it.  But the content is well worth your attention.   The series is titled: “Back to the Basics: VISION & VALUES” and it’s alias is “Class 101”.   I sincerely believe that this series/class is important enough that we are going to film this one.  If you miss it you’ll be able to sign up for a webinar later on.