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One of our key values at Salem is RELATIONSHIPS.   It is why Jesus came.  Most people think He came to give us another religious “option” – FAIL!!!!   Jesus came for the purpose of relationships.  Us with Him, us with each other, and me with me.  Jesus would be the main redeemer of relationships.  That resurrection of His wasn’t for showing off  - it was to show us that any relationship (vertically or horizontally) could have new life. 

So it shouldn’t surprise you that we are starting the year with a very important series on RELATIONSHIPS.  Besides, anything with the word “ships” in it  - must be good.   Now even thought that is a high value at Salem and even though it’s a Biblical priority – it doesn’t mean we’ve perfected it.  We are, as most people, far from excelling at relationships.  We do good, but we’re not champions yet.  So we are going to spend some time on Sunday mornings and during the weekdays trying to figure out how to build relationships to God’s specifications.

For those of you wise enough to recognize that peace in these relationships brings peace to our souls.  So there’s less stress, less aggravation, less anger, and less self-doubt. 

So we’re going to study how to make relationships better on Sunday.  And anyone who wants to go deeper with this  - we are going to study how to make them better during the weekdays.

On Sunday mornings we’re going to talk about marriage.  Wait!  You can’t do that!?! We have people at church who aren’t married.  What about them?!!!  Oh, we’re going to talk about them also.  We will be featuring marriage, but we’re talking about dating, being friends, and just how to relate to people in general.

But even if it were ALL about Marriage, everyone (singles included) will be glad they came.   Look, we’ve shared Bible stories about Eunuchs without demanding you cut anything off.  We’ve talked about Prostitutes when MOST of the church had never engaged in the world’s oldest profession.  We have talked about the deaf – but you’ve heard us.   And besides there are whole books of the Bible devoted to Marriage, like Ecclesiastes and Revelations – which you have all read.

So we’re going to talk about marriage.  Trust me  -you go home with something you’ll be glad to use.  Whether you are a teenager, a single, a spouse, or a widower or single again.  This series will apply to you. Don’t let the title freak you out.  It’s good stuff. 



In this six-session, video-based Bible study, pastor and author Louie Giglio explores the fundamental questions of what makes us relatable to others. He shows how God can change our perspective on relationships, bring us peace in the midst of conflict, and help us restore relationships that seem broken beyond repair.


We definitely believe in the power of community. And we don’t mind rubbing elbows with people living in our area.  So from time to time we will have outreach events so we can actually “reach out” to those we may not ordinarily get to interact with. 

Check back here from time to time to see what we are doing next.



There is some pretty practical advice found in the wisdom of Proverbs.  Come learn how to get control of your time and your finances, how to create a better work environment, and how to be a better friend.  You’ll even learn how to manage your mouth or tame your tongue.   Good stuff!

Come Sunday morning to hear our Pastor’s  message.  Then join a small group or just go online and go a little deeper with some short (15 minutes) but powerful and encouraging messages.

BACK TO BASICS: Vision & Values

​What happens when we lose sight of who we are can destroy a nation, not to mention a church.  It is time to return to the “basics”.  But in the process you will learn that we have strayed ever so slowly from the things that once made us great!!!!

Come Sunday morning to hear our Pastor’s basic “Vision & Values” message.  Then join a small group or online group to hear the prophets of our day as they lead us back to the basics.




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